Jackie Perez  Online Business Manager + Funnel Strategist, Jackie Perez + Co.

Jackie Perez

Online Business Manager + Funnel Strategist, Jackie Perez + Co.

Before working with Angie, I was intrigued by the idea of mindset, and really had no understanding of what it meant. I want to gain a better understanding of positive mindset, manifesting, affirmations, all of it!

I spoke with Angie once for a manifesting "mini session" she had; 2 hours later, I was completely enlightened and had gained a better understanding and respect for the woo-woo in all of us! I have found mine and I am so thankful to Angie for helping me understand it in such a way that I didn't need to spend hours reading books, she broke it all down for me.

The next time I spoke with Angie was for another session she was holding, this one was geared towards moving past wanting to give up. I had to open up and share my blocks and issues with Angie, and it felt like I was talking to an old friend. She never made me feel wrong for the way I felt and helped me better understand why I should acknowledge those feelings. After a couple of sessions I had been able to understand and justify certain elements in my life and everything just became clearer. I've begun moving my life towards a more positive mindset and practicing the guides that Angie suggested and have had such wonderful outcomes!

Angie is a beautiful soul, friend, and coach. She truly understands you and wants to make sure you are living your best life. Thank you for all of your support, chica! <3

Before I started working with Angie, I was feeling a lot of anxiety about my finances and my business. Feeling a lot of doubt about my ability to succeed in my business, and a generally negative outlook.  Once I started working with her, I have definitely had some huge mindset shifts during our time working together. Have some answers that I did not have before and am on a more confident path now as a result.  What I enjoyed most was just having someone to talk to about what I was struggling with. And feeling understood. Thank you!

 Natalyn Bradshaw – Natalyn Bradshaw Creative Studio –  www.natalynbradshaw.com

Natalyn Bradshaw – Natalyn Bradshaw Creative Studio – www.natalynbradshaw.com

 Nicola McLeod -  www.definingyou.co

Nicola McLeod - www.definingyou.co

Before I began work with Angie, I needed a kick up the backside with regards to my mindset.  I was a bit all over the place and very up and down with my positive thoughts.  I’ve just given up my corporate job to give me more time freedom primarily to see my children grow up and focus on what inspires me instead of a job that depresses me!  I'm in the process of starting a coaching business and building a network marketing business, which is all new to me, so I needed someone to hold me hand and give me some support around mindset and focus.

Working with Angie has given me the ability to clarify my goals and vision each month.  We worked on a process to put in place, which I know will serve me for the rest of my life.  She helped me step outside my comfort zone and actually post a video in a group I’m a member of introducing myself, which also led to me doing a video testimonial for my business mentor.  This is something I’d never have done previously.  We also worked on my money mindset and she helped me immensely with some blocks I had. We also put in place a morning routine, which consist of visualizations, meditations, EFT and journalling.

Angie delivers her coaching with humility and humour!  I found myself laughing a lot with her, which was refreshing.  Angie is well equipped to guide you through any period of change and growth in your life and I would always recommend working with her.

When I started working with Angie I was in the middle of struggling with a transition with my business, I was hoping for some mindset support to guide me through this. I wanted to pinpoint what my challenges where, where they were stemmed from and how my ego was trying to effluence my decisions about moving forward in my business!

Angie was amazing at holding a space for me to grab the awareness I needed to make changes I wanted to see and keeping me in check with my egos tricks and games!

I have found my sessions with Angie life changing in finding new strategies to grow my business, while feeling connected to my true self and feeling fricken amazing about what the future holds for me and The Mummy Guru business!

Thanks so much Angie, you rock and it won't be the last you hear from me.

 Sasha Dent - Return to Work Coach -  www.themummyguru.com

Sasha Dent - Return to Work Coach - www.themummyguru.com

 Louise Edu

Louise Edu

From the moment Angie and I met, there was an instant connection, and truly felt like she and I were aligned in so many ways. As a mother, as a business owner, and as a woman... I’ve had to deal with many mindset struggles that were keeping me from reaching my goals and creating the business that I loved.

With Angie’s coaching and tough love, I was able to face my fears and tackle my challenges head on and make unbelievable progress....not just in my business, but in my life as well. She is an integral part of my support system, and I don’t know what I’d do without her.I highly recommend Angie as a mindset coach... Her support has been invaluable.

Love you Ang! 

Angie has tremendously helped me get my mind back on path. I can’t really explain it all, but I was in a dry spell with my business AND my personal life. Now in a matter of a week, I’ve got clients!! I’ve also been able to focus more time with my kids. She has helped me to organize and prioritize what I want in life, which has alleviated so much stress regarding my business. Angie is a great support and is always available when I need her.

 Tonja Smith Bizor Infant and Child Sleep Consultant www.tonjabsleepconsulting.com

Tonja Smith Bizor
Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

 Patricia Ribeiro  Mindset and Communication Expert and Creator of Camp Mom   www.jumpstartforchange.com

Patricia Ribeiro

Mindset and Communication Expert and Creator of Camp Mom


Angie has a way of holding space for you when you are most vulnerable and then guiding you back into your power with her questions and gentle redirections. She is authentic, supportive and masterful at her craft. You may begin a session with her with a heavy heart but by the time you are done, you will be laughing, confident and have a plan of action in hand.